I was commissioned to mosaic a kitchen in London. I designed the mosaic first, and then made a large card template of the designated wall space. From there i moved to the floor and built up the mosaic from loose bits of tile. There was an assortment of various tile (the floor tiles were my biggest enemy – very hard to clip up with my cutters!)

Some elements were put together from randomly smashed tile. (The mountains were built this way for example). For the most part however, i used tile clippers and cutters to chop the tile into pieces that fitted the spaces i had in mind for them. Once the mosaic was complete I glued paper to the loose surface with pva.

Once this had dried, I was able to cut the piece into sections and place them on the wall like a jigsaw onto the adhesive. Then, after the tile adhesive had dried – I used warm water and a sponge to tease away the paper that was glued to the face of the mosaic. After a good clean up of glue and rogue adhesive, I finally grouted the mosaic.